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The sounding buzzer on his intercom caused a frown to cross Sumner Holton's face as he was wading through a series of depositions on a case he was preparing for trial the next day! He put down the documents and in a slightly irritated voice asked his secretary, "What is it, Alice, I asked not to be disturbed!?!" "I'm sorry, Mr. Titten Cunnilingus Peludo. . ' 'That's nice,' Ian said as he got up and grabbed Lexi's hair with force and pushed her down

. 'Remember you are not allowed to touch this,' he said. It really pissed her off that they were telling me what they were doing to her

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As she strutted down the staircase all eyes were on her.


"Your death was a true work of art. Nozomi enjoyed using her good looks to win her favors

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. " She also had a gadget with her