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. “Shit!” “Yes!” Jerry Johnson, Terry's twin brother, groaned as he slammed into my pussy.

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. The two men in leather black trench coats had been following her for the better part of two hours now, "They must be Gestapo," she thought to herself!!! She ducked into a small cafe, hoping to find her way out the back into the alley, but her path was blocked by a bunch of old crates up against the rear door, and as she turned around she was standing face to face with her pursuers, two Gestapo agents of Hitler's Third Reich! "Fraulein Hoffmeyer, finally we meet in person," one of the agents offered, "unfortunately for you, it will be a rather unpleasant experience, shall we go now, please!?!" Ilsa was in a daze as the two Nazis led her to a waiting automobile, where she was blind folded and told to be quiet. Several minutes passed, until Ilsa was told by a feminine voice to remove her eye covering

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